Abbot’s Recall of 359 Million BS Test Strips Should Have Make Front Page

Came across this Letter to Editor in Chicago Tribune. The writer rightly wonders: “Why was that article (on Abbot recalling 359 million BS test strips) in the business section on page 29?” Indeed, most news (good, bad, ugly) relating to the Pharma industry is routinely relegated to the business pages just because the holy stock price is more important that life-and-death issues. Community members must write to Editors to register their protest and educate them in basic journalistic practices (“if it affects a large number of people, it must be news”).

Having had Type 2 diabetes for the past 25 years I was pleased to find your article in the Tribune regarding the recall of certain test strips (Dec 23). I e-mailed the address listed and I found that the strips from Abbot Labs were listed in the recall. Before the article I could not figure out why my blood sugar readings lower than normal. As I said, I e-mailed them and they verified that those strips were defective. I was sent new strips to replace the bad ones. They also sent a new meter.

Why was that article in the business section on page 29? I am sure that I wasn’t the only person affected by those defective strips. Diabetes is a serious disease and cause death, especially for people who have Type 1. I presume the article was there because Abbott‘s stock went down a few dollars the day before, but who cares when your life is at stake? I believe it should have been in section 1 listed as a health recall alert. Thank you for alerting me to the situation anyway.

Harry Clinkunbroomer, Northbrook

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