IDF Sets Up South Asia Office In Mumbai

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) on November 9 announced the launch of its South Asia regional office at the SL Raheja Hospital in Mahim, reports Indian Express.

(Till recently, the Raheja Hospital also housed the All-India Institute of Diabetes and a great boon to all diabetics, especially from poorer sections. After the corporate healthcare chain Fortis took over Raheja Hospital last year, fees for all services offered by the hospital have been hiked, much to every poor diabetic’s dismay. So it’s strange why IDF chose to set up its office in Raheja and not a public hospital…Has IDF also become a handmaiden of profit-seeking pharma companies?)

Chief Executive Officer of the hospital Ann Keeling said India was chosen as a center due to its growing recognition as an epicenter of diabetes in the world.

“According to available data with IDF and WHO, India has 50.8 million Indians diagnosed with diabetes, and 40 million with impaired glucose tolerance, which means they are at high risk,” said Keeling.

Currently, one in eight Indians suffer from diabetes, which WHO estimates costs the Indian economy US$ 23 billion every year.

She added that 3.8 million die of diabetes annually in India-a figure considerably more than HIV casualties.

“Diabetes is a silent killer, and it is important that policy makers acknowledge this in growing economies like India and China,” said Keeling.

She also pointed out that contrary to trends in western countries, India’s population was at risk in its most productive years.



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