World Diabetes Day: 6 Months To Go

(This is a message from the International Diabetes Federation)

Let’s take control of diabetes. Now.
2010 marks the second year of the five-year focus on ‘Diabetes education and prevention”, the theme selected by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization for World Diabetes Day 2009-2013.

The campaign slogan for this year is: “Let’s take control of diabetes. Now.”

For the general public and people at high risk of diabetes, the focus will be on raising awareness of diabetes and disseminating tools for the prevention of diabetes.

For people with diabetes, the focus will be on disseminating tools to improve knowledge of diabetes in order to better understand the condition and prevent complications.

For governments and policy-makers, efforts will focus on advocacy aimed at communicating the cost-effective implications of diabetes prevention strategies and promoting diabetes education as a core component of diabetes management and treatment.

The key messages of the campaign, developed for our different target groups, are:

* Are you at risk? Take the blue circle test.
* Know the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Early diagnosis saves lives.
* Diabetes prevention and treatment is simple and cost-effective. Put it on top of the agenda.
* Your child could be affected. Know the warning signs. See your doctor to measure the risk.
* Enjoy an active life and prevent complications.

A special video, shot in the IDF Executive Office in Brussels, has been produced explaining the 2010 campaign. View the video.
2009: A Global Success Story
Thanks to the efforts of IDF member associations and the wider global diabetes community, the first year of our five-year campaign on ‘Diabetes education and prevention’ was a resounding success.

People all over the world were mobilized and engaged around our messages aimed at communicating the importance of knowing the warning signs and risk factors of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and knowing how to take control and reduce their risk. Achievements included:

* 1650 events and activities, including blue lightings, human blue circles, walks, and screenings, in over 115 countries, registered on
* 1800 campaign-related pictures submitted to and the WDD virtual museum.
* 225,000 virtual candles lit.
* 3 million visits to and 1 million page views on
* World Diabetes Day logo and campaign posters translated and made available in 65 and 16 languages respectively.

The pictures received told the global story of a remarkable shared experience. We are very grateful to all those who contributed to the success of the day, and look forward to building upon the achievements in 2010.

2010 Campaign News

Blue Circle Online and Offline Test
This year we’re adding an exciting, new dimension to the World Diabetes Day campaign. We’ll be launching a new initiative that will allow people around the world to learn if they are at risk of type 2 diabetes, and start taking control of their lifestyle.

The “Blue Circle Test” will consist of an online and offline component:
The online tool will showcase the risk factors of type 2 diabetes and display the positive actions that can be taken to reduce a person’s risk. Users will be confronted with one or more fictitious characters at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The aim will be to reduce a character’s risk by eliminating risk factors and adding positive actions. With each action, the user will be informed in an informal way on the hows and whys.

The offline version will consist of a special blue World Diabetes Day measuring tape for use in World Diabetes Day grassroots activities all over the world. The tape will include information on the links between waist circumference and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Blue Monuments and Exercise
Last year confirmed the popularity of the blue lighting of landmark buildings and sites as a key component of World Diabetes Day celebrations around the world. The initiative will continue this year, and we aim to strengthen the link between the lightings and diabetes by encouraging the global diabetes community to use the blue lightings as the venue for all World Diabetes Day-related grassroots activities and events.

Particular focus will be placed on activities promoting physical activity, with the aim of stimulating participation, particularly of people with diabetes, and interactivity in order to convey a positive and empowering message.

If you have already managed to secure a lighting in your area, please send the name of the confirmed monument to In our next newsletter, we will begin the count with the list of building and sites confirmed so far.

Whatever the event you plan to organize for World Diabetes Day this year, please register your event on the World Diabetes Day website.

Tailored, Adaptable Materials
We have designed new visuals to illustrate the campaign slogan and key messages described above. There will be custom posters for people at risk of diabetes, health professionals, decision-makers, and people with diabetes. Our aim is for the material to be flexible and adaptable to fit different target groups and cultures.

A practical handbook will also be produced with all the information needed to mark World Diabetes Day in your area.

See these videos:

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