Diabetes: Rely On Facts, Not Fiction

Several sources of information on the type two diabetes can be found almost everywhere. If you suspect that you have the diabetes type 2 condition or are at risk of acquiring it, type 2 diabetes information can be easily and conveniently found online. However, not every bit of online data may be accurately written. Therefore, it is necessary to set the facts straight about the common misconceptions about type 2 diabetes.

Fact #1: Diabetes has no remedy
Accurate and reliable data on type 2 diabetes should tell you that currently, no known 100% cure on diabetes has been developed in the medical field yet. Albeit a diabetic patient can try and even prevent the diabetes condition from worsening he or she cannot completely treat it.

It is therefore important to be cautious with information on type 2 diabetes that will offer to provide you with a cure.

Fact #2: Type 2 Diabetes is not fully understood
Many medical researchers as well as medical organizations are constantly trying to help us understand more about type 2 diabetes by conducting researches. It is a known fact though that these studies and researches will take time if we are to fully grasp, and consequently, come up with the best possible medical solution for type 2 diabetes as, even its definite causes cannot be fully identified.

Several common possible sources have been identified such as genetic heritage wherein some people are insulin resistant compared to others. This hereditary trait, combined with and unhealthy diet and lifestyle may worsen any existing diabetes condition or increase the risk of having one.

Fact #3: Too much sugar does not necessarily cause diabetes
Consuming too much sweets, by itself, does not really cause diabetes. However, diabetics prohibited from eating too much sweet food because of their body’s inability to process glucose. Facts about type 2 diabetes will tell you that type 2 diabetics’ body do not react to insulin. It is this insulin in our body which tells us to open up and take in glucose for energy production.

Sugar is not the only food item that diabetics are warned by doctor against. Other food items that diabetics should also be careful with is Carbohydrates and it should be the first thing that should be watched out for. Reliable and accurate information on type 2 diabetes should include instructions on how to count the carbohydrates level in your body so you can control your intake. This is because foods rich in carbohydrates produce just as much glucose as sugar and other sweets.

Fact #4: Not all fruits are good
People have the misconception that going on a healthy food diet of vegetables and fruits is all that is we need to address your diabetes condition. What any reliable and accurate information on type 2 diabetes should inform you, however, is that it is not about eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can to replace carbohydrates intake.

A diabetic’s diet as far as fruits are concern should be about moderation and simply making sure that you eat only within your recommended daily allowance of sugars and carbohydrates, and fruits. Fruits may still contain sugar and, as a type 2 diabetic, you should try to do away with those foods that are high in the glycemic index in your information on type 2 diabetes.

Fact #5: Not all diabetics show symptoms
Since not all people manifest signs and symptoms of being diabetic, there are some who discover their condition too late. Factors which are contributory to diabetes such as being overweight, being advanced in age and a family background on the condition should be enough warning for you to undergo regular check ups as well as enough reason for you to have a healthy change in diet and lifestyle.

Fact #6: Complications from diabetes can kill
It is not really diabetes itself that kills in most cases. Diabetics usually die because of the complications. Heart ailments for example are the number one cause of death in people with severe or uncontrolled diabetes. Others however may also suffer from kidney failure.

Thank you Andy Rowde

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