Lack Of Sleep New Risk For Diabetes

A new small-scale study reveals sleeplessness has a negative effect on insulin in the body. Researchers examined insulin sensitivity in healthy people after 8 hours of sleep then again after 4 hours of sleep. Less sleep caused more insulin resistance.

(I can say there’s some truth in this thesis. Any time I have a late night, my fasting sugar next morning is in the 140-50 range as opposed to 100-120 when I’ve had 7-8 hours of sleep.)

The goal of the study was to understand whether insulin sensitivity is a fixed entity in people with normal glucose levels. Sleeplessness however, exposed insulin sensitivity in people without diabetes. The study raised questions on whether Western society’s sleeping habits are helping the rising diabetes rates.

Other entities are factors as well, lifestyle choices, obesity or juvenile diabetes, but if one or more factor is prevalent, the risks are higher for developing full-blown diabetes.

“Sleep duration has shortened considerably in western societies in the past decade and simultaneously, there has been an increase in the prevalence of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes,” stated Dr. Esther Donga, of the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands in Health Day News.

“The co-occurring rises in shortened sleep and diabetes prevalence may not be a coincidence. Our findings show a short night of sleep has more profound effects on metabolic regulation than previously appreciated.”

Lack of sleep produces other health concerns as well, but consecutive nights of very little sleep could be contributing to diabetes risks. Glucose tolerance is therefore affected by rest according to the study.

The study is schedule for release in June and will be published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Thank you Amy Munday for the info

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