Diabetes: In Search Of Natural Cures

Diabetes control natural treatments are currently being studied in many countries in the hope that one of these natural substances will lead to a cure for diabetes. But at this time, there is no cure of this disease.

Once diagnosed with diabetes, diabetics must learn to live with the disease. The standard of treatment currently is to prolong life and increase the quality of life as much as possible. Treatment is directed towards relieving symptoms, improving the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, preventing or correcting complications and assuring proper nutrition.

Traditional Indian medicine – Ayurved, Unani, and Siddhi – have long advocated a variety of herbs and spices that are said to control blood sugar. Cinnamon, Karela (bitter gourd), Neem leaves, powdered Jamun seed etc and a combination of these and other ingredients have been traditionally prescribed as “cures” for diabetes. Baba Ramdev’s “miracle cure” is the current rage in India.

There are several Amazon jungle root herbs with reported abilities to lower blood glucose levels, normalize the frequency of urination, and eliminate glucose in the urine of diabetics. In Brazil, Pfaffia root has been used for years to treat the symptoms of diabetes. Pata-de-vaca is also widely used in Brazil for the treatment of diabetes.

One doctor in China has studied the results of goji berry on the blood of thousands of patients. He believes that the goji berry makes their blood more alkaline. He reports that as the alkalinity changes, there is a reversal of all illnesses. His claim is that this reversal includes cancer, diabetes, high blood difficulty, renal failure, obesity, High cholesterol, arthritis and other illnesses associated with physical or mental problems, including attention deficit disorder.

Another research program currently in China has diabetics drinking a tea made from the goji berry. Results show that up to 62 percent of subjects showed decrease in blood glucose levels as well as over half of the patients being able to control blood sugar levels with diet alone. Goji seems to help with the release of oxygen to the cells with an enzyme named 23BPG. This seems to help reduce the symptoms caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the legs, eyes and other areas in the body of diabetics.

Another natural substance that is being studied is cocoa. A study conducted in Germany showed cocoa with high flavanol improves cardiovascular health. The study was specifically to test the effectiveness of the cocoa with long term use. 41 stable Type-2 diabetics were given cocoa with high dose flavanol in comparison with low flavanol dosage cocoa. During the study, the researchers did find that the flavanol found in cocoa did have a positive effect on FMD response in diabetics. Researchers concluded that these results happened by increased production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a chemical that sends signals to arteries to relax and widen in response to increased blood flow. This relaxation of the arteries takes stress off the heart and blood vessels.

Diabetes control natural treatments are currently being studied in many countries in the hope that one of these natural substances will lead to a cure for diabetes.

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